Proverbs Women of Compassion Association Scholarship Application


Name of candidate: _________________________________________________DOB___________


Phone:  ______________________  email ___________________________________________

Date of submission of scholarship application: ____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Statement of purpose

 [Mention the objectives of the candidate in his chosen path , Submit  an 500 word  Essay ( Typed separate  sheet of paper)


3/ Letters of recommendation   (School Counsellor,  Instructor/teacher,  Religious leader)

Name of colleges to which applications have been made:


Program of study: ___________________________ [Mention the program of study for which the candidate has applied to universities and colleges]

A ttach a copy of your High School Report Card or Transcript of current GPA

Educational Background

[Mention the relevant education details of the candidate applying for the scholarship]  Separate sheet of paper

Program of study

Name of institution

Year of passing

Marks obtained









Notable extracurricular activities and distinctions obtained: _______________________ [Provide the relevant data] Copy of certificates and awards.

Signature of candidate: ___________________________________________

 Parent Signature:_________________________________ Date__________________________