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  • Members of PWCA
  • Making a difference in the lives of others
  • Members of PWCA

Thank you for visiting our website!


         Proverbs… Women of Compassion Association
              (Women With A Purpose)
Motto: Make A Friend…Be A Friend !

Proverbs Women of Compassion Association ( PWCA) is based in Shreveport, Louisiana

but is for women from all areas around the metro-Shreveport/Bossier area. It is quite unique. It is a non-profit that operates with elected officers.

Karen B. Coco, Gwen Tennell, and Vicki Ellis had a vision to form a women's organization. Karen made the first move to form  the association in October 2005, by writing all proposals. A variety of factors motivated the women to organize the association, including the urgent social needs of underprivileged African Americans who were excluded from some public relief, an increasing number of uneducated black women, and the growth of urban black communities.  

In November 2005 the association started holding monthly meetings with two other members to set the group in motion.  Within one year’s time other members joined. Meetings are being held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. However, the way we have things set up does not require anyone to attend a meeting before they can join in the fun. Monthly newsletters and weekly updates are emailed to keep things running smoothly.

The association  calendar usually has a minimum of 12 different community event/ activities listed  for the year. These are held on weekends, and sometime evenings. We try to  find dates/times  to fit everyone’s schedule.

They currently include:

Annual Mardi Gras Parade, Community Easter Family Fun Day, Scholarship Fundraisers, Annual Banquet, Going some place different each month, Saturday breakfast or  lunch and a movie, Then there are some  one-time events such as plays, day trips, and get-togethers in homes. Members volunteer to organize the events and help with the behind the scenes jobs when needed.  It works !

      PWCA  has Annual dues  and membership fee, the added bonus of membership is that God gets the Glory.

That alone is worth the price of membership!

Many best friends and close relationships have formed over the years because of PWCA.  

We hope you will CONNECT with PWCA soon ! 

PWCA encourage you to join with us to encourage others to rise up and believe that they can be a greater person and believe that they can achieve whatever they want in life.

We strive to educate others about the dangers of violence and drug activity and that there are alternaitives to the "gang/thug/drug" life.

PWCA Choose to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Proverbs Women of Compassion Association  is a Social Welfare Organization. Giving back to the community, empowering women and understanding the need of others.




Contact Us  
Proverbs...Women of Compassion Association
3320 Judy Ln
Shreveport, Louisiana 71119
Phone 318-518-2991
Regular Schedule  
  • Always check your email for updates and information


  • PWCA - We do not hold meeting on Sunday's that fall on a HOLIDAY
  • PWCA Women With A Purpose Monthly Meeting
    – 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Check back soon for more announcements.
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